Welcome to Collins View, a Place, in SouthWest Portland, Oregon!

CollinsView.org — is a community resource with two dozen or more permanent informative articles that we strive to complete and keep current. The site also serves as a home for the Neighborhood Emergency Team (NET) and the Firewise Community.

What is Collins View, Really!?

Collins View is a name given to this place when it was developed in the late 1800's. A lot has happened since then! The figure below represents the various areas Collins View touches. The red business district; green green spaces, lavender neighborhoods, schools, and a big cemetery. Collins View itself contains several small cemeteries and a number of churches. Read more on the Welcome! page.

Collins View is surrounded by a tapestry of Greenspaces, Neighborhoods, and Institutions.

Collins View for newcomers and long-timers

Getting Settled in Collins View

Eternal Information

Yet to Come

Other Collins View oriented Websites

NewCollinsView.blog — is in the form of a blog, carrying cultural news & stories from our hyper local area. Visit NewCollinsView.blog at your leisure to see how it is set up for Arts & Culture, Science & Nature, History & Stories, Hikes, Walks, Bikes, Business, Transit (for fun and profit), and other categories. Articles will appear as volunteers produce them.

CollinsViewNA.org — The Collins View Neighborhood Association site is maintained by the association, dedicated to land use, safety, parks & watersheds, transportation & traffic, annual events, and other things. The NA site has been mostly static since early 2022. Link: CollinsViewNA.org

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