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Meetings have gone to Zoom

CVNA meetings have gone Zoom. Check Nextdoor for Zoom meeting announcements, directions and links to meeting (and other) invitations, agendas, minutes. If you are not on Nextdoor, see our Nextdoor sign-Up instructions [LINK]. Zoom sign-in instructions will be posted on Nextdoor approximately 2 weeks prior to meeting date.

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Our 2021 Meeting Calendar


The Collins View Neighborhood Association meets (virtually) at 7:00 PM on the first non-holiday Wednesday of most every month. We usually take July and August off. The Neighborhood Association has supported the individual Neighborhood Night Out block parties during the summer.

Meeting Agendas usually appear one week before each meeting. Future CVNA Zoom meetings are:

Sep 1, 2021 7:00 PM
Oct 6, 2021 7:00 PM
Nov 3, 2021 7:00 PM
Dec 1, 2021 7:00 PM

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'School's Out Picnic' on Corbett Lane!
Kids enjoying their Ice Cream Treats (anonymized by WaterLogue app)

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Alert! → Portland Ezones Map Correction Initiative

The Portland Ezones initiative is finalizing September 10, 2021. The new computer mapping program's algorithm may miss significant water features such as small, seasonal, intermittent streams, and small tributary streams.

  1. About Ezones initiative here: [ABOUT]

    P zone is the highest level of protection. C zone is a lower level of protection that limits but does not prohibit new development.

  2. Check properties with the interactive maps. [MAP] See instructions below.

    Link only shows proposed ezones. It does not automatically turn on existing ezones to compare what is changing. Instructions:

    Click on 'View the interactive map'
    Enter property address
    Click on upper right icon with three horizontal lines
    Turn on 'Existing Environmental Overlay'
    This will compare the proposed ezones overlay to the existing ezones overlay.

     Green solid = current Protection P zone
     Brown stripes = current Conservation C zone
     Green stripes = proposed Protection P zone
     Brown stripes = proposed Conservation C zone
     Green solid + Brown stripes = P zones changing to C zones

  3. If a missing water resource is found on or near your property or public right-of-way, request a site visit to re-evaluate the property! [503-823-4225]

  4. Link to [Planning and Sustainability Commission] to view future meetings and prior meetings.

    Upcoming Events:

     Jun 22 - 5pm. Last closed work session on forests/streams/steep slopes.
     Jul 27 - 5pm. Closed work session on wetlands.

     Aug 24 – 5pm. Public hearing on forests/streams/steep slopes.
      Written testimony will be taken before and after till Sept 10.
      Oral testimony at hearing.

     Sep 10 – Last day for site visits for this phase. Close of public record.
     Sep 28 – 5pm. Closed work session and vote on the whole project.
     Next Phase – Project to City Council for approval. Public hearing TBA.

In map below, Red area is Protection P zone changing to Conservation C zone.

Above is only an image. You can pan around Portland, and 'Zoom In' using the interactive map -- see MAP link and instructions (in 2) above.

Introducing our new History section!

See the first article in our new History section, about an electric trolley that came to Collins View for 10 years in 1890's! [TROLLEY]

More [History]

Introducing our new Stories section!

The story of the blown down eagle nest tree has found a home in our new 'Stories" section: [EAGLE]

More [Stories]

Neighborhood Emergency Team

Q: What is NET??
A: It's our Neighborhood Emergency Team! Read all about it [HERE]

Earthquake!?? Collins View NET members participated in a city-wide deployment exercise on October 14, 2018. See story [HERE]

Fred Meyer Community Rewards Program

Help build CVNA's coffer via the Fred Meyer Community Rewards Program. There is nothing to Lose! You still earn Your rewards. The Community Reward is an additional amount donated to the community... See our [HOW TO] page.

Nextdoor is a private 'social network' for Collins View and nearby 'Hoods

Thousands of folks across many neighborhoods are set up on Nextdoor. You can set up your login by validating your street address — then you can view and participate. There is a lot of non-association chatter on NextDoor, so it is difficult to use for official business. Our 'signal' often gets lost in the 'noise'.

See our Sign-Up instructions [LINK]. Thereafter, login into Next Door, and you'll land in the Collins View context. (Our Instructions page also has a mini-orientation.)

Neighborhood Tips

Our Various Outreach Efforts

How can we invite participation? This is the perennial question for of neighborhood involvement, and our outreach committee. We strive to be effective. [REACH OUT].