There is no official neighborhood map, showing neighborhood gates, bus stops, businesses, walking paths, trails, wildlife habitat, parks, mailboxes, and so on. Volunteer?

NET maps

Neighborhood Emergency Team has a set of maps for the post-disaster walkabouts on their [NET page].

Neighborhood (Sector) Delegate maps

See the neigborhoods page for a map showing the delegate area boundaries. These are loosely determined by the NET sector walkabouts. We need a revised and better rendition of this map.

Maryellen Read and John Miller talked about being able to enter a street address on this page to determine which sector (walkabout) a particular house (residence) belongs to.

Some other map

Thinking what may go here... Tuesday morning 3/14/2017.

Other Maps

Collins View map in PDF from Portland Online. THIS LINK should download the PDF into a PDF viewer in, or perhaps outside, your browser.

Google Maps, although the NA boundary is not super-imposed (yet): Google map link.

Collins View Home