There is no official neighborhood map, showing neighborhood gates, bus stops, businesses, walking paths, trails, wildlife habitat, parks, mailboxes, and so on. Volunteer?

NET maps

Neighborhood Emergency Team has a set of maps for the post-disaster walkabouts on their [NET page].

Neighborhood (Sector) Delegate maps

See the neigborhoods page for a map showing the delegate area boundaries. These are loosely determined by the NET sector walkabouts. We need a revised and better rendition of this map.

Maryellen Read and John Miller talked about being able to enter a street address on this page to determine which sector (walkabout) a particular house (residence) belongs to.

Nextdoor map of Collins View

Next door started up in Portland as a test market, primarily because Portland had a ready-made set of well-defined neighborhood, including Geographic Information on boundaries. Plus, the neighborhood has various associations that could be used to promote the site - which was free, and WAD free for years to get it going.

Nextdoor map of Collins View

One can view the map of the neighborhood, and which households have signed up. Also, the have a special treat-or-treat option, and so on.

Other Maps

Collins View map in PDF from Portland Online. THIS LINK should download the PDF into a PDF viewer in, or perhaps outside, your browser.

Google Maps, although the NA boundary is not super-imposed (yet): Google map link.

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