Collins View is a hilly 465-acre neighborhood in Southwest Portland, Oregon. It has 848 households. (2010 Census).

Map showing Collins View. Colors denote nextdoor.com joiners.

Collins View is unique in several important ways:

Nature in Collins View: Portland's Special Status Habitats — recognized by state and federal agencies as being ecologically important — include Strategy Habitats: herbaceous wetlands, upland prairie and native grasslands, oak woodlands, interior forests (especially late successional conifer forests), bottomland hardwood forest, and riparian habitat. (From Westside Wildlife Corridor on Parks & Recreation website.)

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The neighborhood association, CVNA, is part of a larger Portland NA system of some 90+ neighborhoods.

Membership in neighborhood association is open to all residents, property owners, governmental agencies, business licensees and nonprofit organizations located within Collins View.


Southwest Neighborhood Information is a (non-profit) coalition of the Neighborhoods in SW Portland. SWNI budget comes somewhat from City. Details, history, and concerns are omitted here! Please check it out. See [SWNI.org]

The SW News newspaper is/was free, delivered monthly. COVID-19 has prompted SW News to go all digital, and is available on the SWNI website.

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