Utilities and Other Services

Whether new to the hood, or a long time resident, we all use the following services.

The United States Postal Service
OUR post office is in Multnomah Village, off of Multnomah Blvd and 35th.
See mailboxes for pickup times for neighborhood mailboxes and nearby post offices.
State of Oregon DMV
Individual change of address, vehicle registration renewal, notice of vehicle sale, and more.
City of Portland Water Bureau
Links to billing information, new service, conservation, and emergency shut off.
To initiate service, call: 503-823-7770.

We have high water rates in Portland. Even with all the rain we have and the snow pack which feeds the beautiful, pure Bull Run Reservoirs... where our water comes from.

On your water bill you will notice that the majority of what you are paying is for your sewage.....a number of years ago the City had to build the 'Big Pipe' project which was to ensure that when we had a lot of rain and consequently, run off, it was not compromising the sewer system and sending raw sewage into the Willamette. This Big Pipe project was a billion dollar deal. It is now built (at least on the west side of the river) but we are all still paying for it.

The sewage portion is based on consumption between December thru February and projected for the next year. If still true, focused reduction in those three months will lower your sewer portion of the bill for 12 months.

  • There are only 2 adults in my household, we do not have underground sprinklers, we do not water our grass in the summer, and our water bill is generally about $120 a month.
  • I have a 2 person household and conserve alot and still pay $200 for 3 month bill.
  • We are a family of four, and pay about $120mo.
PGE - Portland General Electric (outages)
Initiate service, get your bill online, update your information, and get energy preservation tips.
To initiate service, call: 503-228-6322.
Hook up a local phone line, check DSL availability, configure long distance plans, and view or pay your bill online.
To initiate service, call: 800-244-1111.
Waste Management of Portland
Garbage collection, recycling, yard debris, and other services.
To initiate service, call: 503-249-8078.
City of Portland Contacts Elected officials, ombudsman, just about all the top level honchos and offices.
Online Service Requests
  • Report a Disabled Vehicle- use this form to report disabled vehicles on private property. To report vehicles located in the street or public right-of-way, please contact Abandoned Autos at 503-823-7309.
  • General Request - ask questions regarding city information and services.
  • Report Graffiti.
  • Liquor Complaints - report nuisance incidents that arise from establishments that serve alcohol.
  • Neighborhood Nuisance Complaints- report property nuisances (such as trash, debris, tall grass/weeds, etc.)
  • Neighborhood Housing Violation Complaints - report housing maintenance issues (such as building damage and other housing hazards).
  • Water Conservation Device and Information Request - City of Portland water customers can order free conservation devices with this form.
  • Construction Work Without Permit - report illegal duplexes or triplexes in single family zones, residential/commercial structural work without permits
  • Dangerous Building - report safety issues such as collapsing buildings or retaining walls.
  • Environmental Violation.
  • Erosion Control Violation.
  • Noise - report noise concerns such as construction activity outside permitted hours, airplane/helicopter noise, barking dogs, vehicle noise, and etc...
  • Sign Violation.
  • Zoning Violation.
  • Report a Street Light Problem - To report a light out, a light going on and off (cycling), a light on during the day, vandalism, or any other problem with a street light.

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