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The Collins View Neighborhood Association meets at 7:00 PM on the first Wednesday of most every month — We take July off, and we have a picnic in August! We meet in Riverdale High School (where Boones Ferry and Terwilliger overlap), usually in the classroom just to the left of the foyer.

2017 Spring/Summer Meetings: May 3rd (Elections & Bylaws!) — June 7th.

Kinds of Meetings
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Things to Do
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How to Contact Us

What is [N E T] ??
It's our Neighborhood Emergency Team!

Help build CVNA's coffer via the
Fred Meyer Community Rewards Program
See our [How To] page today.

Do you know of or use a 'secret' footpath in the neighborhood?

Check out our Collins View Footpaths Project: [CVFP]!

Neighborhood Tips

  • Find CVNA minutes on our Meeting Minutes page. Stay tuned for Minutes from October meeting.
  • Interested in playing a part in the association? See How to Contact Us.
  • See our Neighborhood Business Directory.
  • L&C College Party House disturbing the peace? Talk to the students!
    If ruckus continues, call the Campus Safety Office (open 24 hours/day) at 503-768-7777.

Nextdoor is a private social network for Collins View and beyond.

Thousands of folks across many neighborhoods are set up on Next Door. You can set up your login by validating your street address — then you can view and participate.

See our Sign-Up instructions. Thereafter, use Collins View on Next Door.

All are Welcome!

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