How to Contact or Engage Us

We use the general email address CVNAmail at for all city, county, and Metro business, ... membership general inquiries, and so on. This is so that as officers change, the email will continue.


The email addresses have been spelled out to (hopefully) prevent spammers from harvesting them off our web pages.

ChairJim Diamondjimd at
Land Use Co-ChairsDave & Dixie Johnston505-636-0959
Parks ChairFran Laird-
Public Safety ChairGene Lynardglynard at comcast dot net
Transportation ChairPrakash Joshiartalive at comcast dot net
SecretaryMaryellen Readmaryellenread at gmail dot com
Treasurer/Finance ChairJim VanDomelen-
Outreach CoordinatorOpenNo Email
EnvironmentJim Diamondjimd at
City/State Notifications(Prakash)


A liaison is a member of CVNA who attends meetings or otherwise communicates with other entities. Descriptions: [Collins View liaisons].


Our delegate system adds people to the board from every neck of the woods. Description and list: [Collins View Delegates].

How to bring Issues To The Attention Of The Board

Normally, an agenda is established each month. Any person may add an item to the agenda by submitting the item in writing to the Board of Directors or Board Chair at least seven (7) days in advance of the meeting. Verbal submissions by telephone or email are also welcome. Time is allotted at each meeting for new business.

CVNA has been a very active Neighborhood Association over the last several years, with many pressing issues. Typically, the agenda fills quickly with demands and issues from a variety of sources.

You are encouraged to bring issues to the attention of Committee Chairpersons, and Neighborhood Delegates. They can assist you in bringing the issues before the Board for its attention.

Web Guy

John Miller — john at John is ready and willing to correct, add to, or complete any of the pages outlined for our website. Just send information to him in plain text, a word doc, or an email message. Source References are always good.
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