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Joining a CVNA Monthly ZOOM Meeting

Follow these simple steps to Register in Advance (required):

  1. Go to the SWNI Calendar (It will open in a separate window.)
  2. Dial in the intended month (eg January) on the calendar.
  3. Click on Collins View meeting on the 1st Wednesday.
  4. A little box should pop up for that calendar item.
  5. Click on More Details>>'
  6. The Google calendar item will pop up with link Register in advance for this meeting. Click on the link.

  7. You'll land on the Zoom Meeting Registration page. Complete the registration: First Name, Last Name, Email.
  8. Click on Register.
  9. Registration Confirmation is provided. You can ignore the long URL and other info.
  10. You will get an email message from Zoom. Hang on to it until the meeting is about to start. Now you can relax.

  11. As the meeting time nears, click on the Join Meeting button in the Zoom email message.
  12. Your Zoom program will start up.
  13. Join the meeting.

You can register a day or so ahead (Steps 1-10). That leaves just steps 11-13 to do before the meeting. See you there!

GUESTS PLEASE BE ADVISED - You will be registered for all periodic CVNA meetings for the year. Guests must register, but then maybe opt out of future meetings. We'll see!

REGULAR ATTENDEES BE ADVISED - You should hang on to the notification you get from Zoom. It will be good for future meetings. We don't know if Zoom will mail anything out in advance of monthly meetings.

If this will be your first Zoom session ever, plan to spend 10 minutes ahead to test your speaker and camera, etc. Of course having a Zoom app helps!

Zoom Meeting Directions

1) Press the Gallery View (top right) so everyone is on the same screen.

2) Press the Participants crowd (bottom center) to see participant list at the side. This is how your attendance and your vote will be counted. This is where the “hand up” desire to speak is displayed.

3) When the Host/Chair opens the meeting, please place your microphone on mute when you are not speaking to minimize background interference. This improves transmission for everyone and eliminates interruptions due to distracting background noise.

4) Press the chat button at the bottom of the screen. This enables you to key in comments and questions without verbal interruptions and overtalking. The Meeting Facilitator brings these comments to the attention of the host. Comments and requests are recognized in order of request. (Feature disabled in SWNI zoom sessions?)

5) The chair recognizes the members & guests addressing issues in order of agenda, due date priorities, issue and time preferences, relevance to the issues being discussed.

6) Participant voices are important. Participants agree to a meeting culture that engages in civil and respectful communication. Interrupting, overtalking (speaking over someone who is speaking) and uncivil comments are not tolerated.

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