About our Web Site

The Goal is to compile historical information and create a site that can be used for outreach purposes. Between written and photographic evidence, we hope to create a sense of place.

The site is accessible from anywhere in the world, and is visted by "spiders" that index the web. (Google for some unique things on this page is see what comes up).

Submissions Please!

Please send photos for our pages! Anything that would symbolize in any way, the essence of these topics.

Send corrections, additions, and photos for any page to the web guy, via collinsview at gmail dot com.

A Site map, attempting to link to all the pages on the site.

Technical History of the Site - domain name and hosting

A web presence was originally set up by Karen Swafford on Jeff Vandehey took some of that data and designed a standalone site using Jeff registered the domain with on December 1, 2004, and hosted it on his own computer for a while. (Evidently Jeff paid the registration fee for 2 years, possible up front.)

Not sure what Prakash J may have had to do with registering the name.

When Jeff moved out of CV at the end of 2007 (?), John Miller recycled content from the more timely pages plus new info into the site design you see here, and hosted it out of his home by running an apache web server on linux, and evidently paid the dyndns registrar.

It's hard to believe, but evidently John hosted it out of his house for 2-3 years paying only for the domain registration.

John transferred the Domain Name registration and hosting to an account at in about 2010.

In 2014, the domain name was transferred into Miller's account. John covers the annual registration fee ($10). The hosting is provided at no cost, via John's business, Time Haven Media. Buy John a beer sometime.

The Domain Name registration was transferred to SWNI's set of domains in May 2017. This was a good move — SWNI will pay the registration fees for all time, keeping it independent of us mortals in Collins View. SWNI can set up email accounts on it, such as, and we can access it just like a Gmail account. SWNI has set the internet address for and the unqualified address to point to the web server in John Miller's web hosting account (TimeHavenMedia) with

The Website can continue there, maintained by John, or it can be hosted anywhere else. The site itself could be hosted under SWNI's hosting service, should John fall off the earth. The site can remain up as long as TimeHavenMedia is in existence. A long term plan for the website is a bigger issue. John's concern is that if someone wants to make it more dazzling, fine, but then that person is responsible for it forever, not just until they jazz it up. For now, John is willing to update, expand, refactor (re-arrange) the website with feedback and participation of the association.

The site might benefit if converted to using a content management system, where various people could add articles and update the site with out much tech expertise. However, the same caveat applies -- commitment is required to keep the site even moderately current and relevant. (AND TRAINING WOULD BE REQUIRE as different people assume this role.)

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