Using Transit, from a Collins View Point of View

Welcome to 'Transit 101' for new transit riders, and a refresher course for experienced riders.

Learning The Basics

A number of Routes serve the Collins View vicinity. Learn The Routes.

Routes have endpoints with stops in between. Routes intersect, allowing transfers. Other transit patterns are: paired stops, minor hubs, and transit centers: Stops and Transit Centers

Hopping on the Bus

Once you are familiar with Routes, Stops, etc, you can travel to nearby communities, and to the airport: Trips you can take!

It's natural to fear the unknown. This is why many people don't even try. So checkout the stops you'd use, and check the timing of your whole trip — you'll feel better!

Transit Tools, Fares, Regional Connections

You'll also want to learn about Fares, and to know what Tools are available before setting out...

You can explore the system one Trip at a time! Coming soon: Suggestions for "Tours" involving a chain of two or more Trips.

CV Transit in a Nutshell

In the area around Collins View, we have direct access to bus lines: #35, #38, #39, and #43.

#43 and #35 are general purpose lines with long hours of serviceā€¦ but they go to particular places on each end, so you'll need to understand that. The route maps and schedules are available on the routes' via links below:

TC == Transit Center.

Here are some good ways to familiarize yourself with these routes, and your transit options:

  1. Identify stops near you - either by spotting them on the street (Terwilliger and Taylors Ferry), or by looking at Google or Apple Maps. Each stop has a uniq 1-5 digit ID.
  2. Get a transit app, such as PDX BUS. Using the app, watch the Stop IDs you've identified to monitor arrival times of busses for each of the lines. This will give you an idea of how often the bus runs, and ergo when you can get there to catch a bus.
  3. Keep in mind that you are probably somewhere in the middle of a route, so you can go either direction - ie toward downtown, or toward Oregon City -- Or Toward Hillsdale/OSHU, or toward Tigard, and so on.
  4. You can pick up TriMet schedules on paper at a Library or at the TriMet Customer Support Center in Pioneer Courthouse Square.
  5. Above are links to routes and schedules. There are web versions, and PDF's of the printed schedules. Puzzled? Read more about transit on this page.

So, you just want to figure it out yourself?

You can always use TriMet's Trip Planner to plan a route between A and B with specified departure or arrival times. Hopefully, the suggestions made here will familiarize you with the routes, and confirm what you may already be thinking.

TriMet has its own take on how to use their system, including how to take your bike or mobility device along for the ride. [How to Ride]

See you on da bus!

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