Crime Prevention and Safety

Mission, per bylaws:

Gene Lynard has chaired our saftey committee for several years.

Gene meets monthly with SWNI's crime prevention specialist, representatives of the Portland police bureau, the district attorney's office and the other crime, public safety chairs in the other 16 neighborhoods in the SW Portland neighborhood coalition. Gene reports back to the neighborhood at the CVNA monthly meetings, which take place the following week. Example topics: how meth labs are set up; a field trip to the community court.

These meetings are an opportunity to share neighborhood concerns with the district officers, the senior neighborhood officers, the crime prevention specialist and the other crime/public safety chairs, and how best to resolve them.

Please contact Gene (503-245-8632) if you have a crime/public safety concern in your neighborhood, and he will do his best to help.

Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood watch is still a city project. Mark Wells will speak to CVNa in June June 6, 2018 Crime Prevention Office of Neighborhood Involvement.

Join the CVNA team as we learn prevention strategies for keeping yourself, your family and neighbors safe. Presenter Mark Wells, City of Portland, Crime Prevention Program Coordinator, will discuss setting up Neighborhood Watch and crime prevention strategies specific to our neighborhood. Presentation will include effective 911 call strategies, zero leading addresses and how they impact 911 call centers. Strategies are designed to reduce and minimize the impact of neighborhood crime in the areas of personal safety, cyber safety, and theft.

This is what you do to start one:

Basic information about Neighborhood Watch, and how to start your own: [LINK]

From Crime Prevention Coordinator Cassondra Rosales, Crime Prevention Coordinator Cassondra Rosales, City of Portland ONI Crime Prevention, On Nextdoor Feb 22, 2018:

Neighborhood Watch is a program designed to increase the sense of safety and community in neighborhoods by organizing and involving individuals and their families in united crime prevention efforts. Neighborhood Watch is often formed when residents notice chronic problems and/or increases in crime and suspicious activities in their neighborhood. However, it is beneficial to organize one as a proactive measure.

If this sounds like something you or your neighbors would like to do please go online (link listed below) and fill out a neighborhood watch interest form to get in contact with our neighborhood watch coordinators. If you would like to learn more about neighborhood watch go online to the Office of Neighborhood Involvement, Crime Prevention page: [LINK].

Neighborhood Watch Interest Form: [LINK]

Safe Routes to School

The Safe Routes to School Delegate (in bylaws??) shall:
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