TRIMET discontinued Friday & Saturday evening service, so these rides are on ice. It was fun while it lasted! --jm/df.

A Summer Solstice Dinner Outing!

The last CVNA Organized Ride™ was a dinner excursion on Saturday evening, June 23th, 2007. We had six folks from Collins View, and we were joined by 3 folks from Hillsdale, including the "Mayor of Hillsdale", Don Baack, Arnie, and Barbara.

Here is how that ride was described before the event, with a few comments added afterwards.

Otto and Anita's is a charming Bavarian restaurant where the food is cooked from scratch. You can enjoy their famous Dill Pickle Soup and a salad, or go for a special dinner. Ja! They also make pastries for dessert and to take home.

Catch the #39 that leaves the college at 5:23 PM as it comes past your selected stop.

Be prepared to put your fare in the fare box, and accept the transfer from the driver. There will be people on the bus that can lead you the rest of the way. This is all you need to know.

Details Of The Trip

We'll all get off #39 in Hillsdale at Noah's Bagels around 5:35 pm.

We may see a #44 whiz by at that time (5:36), but we aren't aiming for it. (We did see it whiz by.)

We'll leisurely:

Sehen sie auf dem bus!
John & Dorothy


Otto & Anita's is just off the intersection of 30th and Capitol Hwy, on SW Canby, in a daylight basement.

Otto and Anita's Restaurant
3025 SW Canby
Telephone: 503-452-1411

Dorothy Fay

About Transfers and Fares

If you are new to transit - put your fare (?) in the fare box and the driver will give you a Receipt. Hang on to the paper — it's good for 2.5 hours. Show it to transfer to another line, and/or for your return trip!

We have more detailed guide for riding, link below.

Future Rides

Dates and times are announced at our monthly meeting and then on our mailing list. TriMet times are planned and included. We would like tp plan the a year's worth of rides ahead, and post the list here.

See our Guide to using Transit, prepared especially for Collins View.

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