NATIONAL NIGHT OUT Family Friendly Picnic

Our summer picnic is usually held on a Sunday afternoon by the outdoor pool on the Lewis & Clark campus (#23 on campus map)

In case of rain we can gather at the Templeton Campus Center Level 2 (#36 on map). This has yet to happen.

No July or August neighborhood association meeting!

2018 Ice Cream Social!

Due to construction on the college campus, we held an Ice Cream Social outside at St Mark's Church (instead of our usual ambitious picnic).

2017 Picnic was Sunday, August 6, 2017 | 3 - 6 pm

We again thank Tryon Creek Grill for providing food for the burgers and hot doggies for the grill! A Big Thanks to Lewis & Clark College for providing drinks, the picnic grounds, and use of the outdoor swimming pool!

Serving area — salads, side dishes, and desserts at the far end. Drinks at the bar in back!

Seating and eating and drinking.

The NET Team had their red canopy up and gave out loads of info on preparedness. One person fainted, and Doug sprang into action to diagnose and call for help! Click: [NET]

Neighbors were stationed at tables for info on Friends of River View Natural Area, The Intertwine, Leave No Trace, etc.

VisionZero table. Check out the program which is about way more than just the signs you see here. []

Brendan tending Hot doggies on a Hot grill toward the end of a Hot day! Gene Lynard also flipped patties.

Getting the Word Out

How does the word get out? Well, we use [Nextdoor], this website, E-mail, and the SW Newspaper, but not everyone is covered by those, so NET, FoRVNA, and other volunteers go Door to Door canvassing the 'Hood with postcard-sized flyers!

Two double-sided cards are delivered with these five topics: Collins View Neighborhood Association, Fred Meyer Rewards, and the Picnic each have one full side. NET (Neighborhood Emergency Team) and FoRVNA (Friends of River View Natural Area) share a side on one of the two cards.

The 2016 Picnic

We had the following information tables:

2015 Summer Picnic Photos

No photos yet of all the great food that materialized, or of the throngs of merry picnickers. Lisa says: I was amazed at how the food table came together with everyone's culinary contributions.

Thanks to Tryon Creek Grill for providing food for the Grill! A Big Thanks to Lewis & Clark College for providing drinks, the picnic grounds, and use of the outdoor swimming pool!

Neighborhood Emergency Team Table

Here is a shot of the NET table. Tons of information was available, including, for example, the HELP and OK (red and green) signs that can let emergency responders quickly assess your house. See our NET page for info on how you can prepare your home to be a safer haven in an regional emergency.

Quote from Dylan: It was an absolute pleasure to help staff the NET table and to have the opportunity to meet so many wonderful folks from our community! The food was delicious too! :)

Here's the NET sector map.

(We need to get a version of this on the website.)

Back Yard Habitat and Naturescaping Table

Thanks to Denny Barnes for organizing and presenting info on naturescaping and certification of Backyard Habitat. See Friends of Riverview page about Nature in Our Backyard: [LINK].

Denny also gave away two native plants, and suet for bird feeder!

River View Natural Area

Thanks to Lisa McG for compiling info-goodies for the newly forming River View Natural Area, including plant specimens and maps. Lisa answered plenty of questions. The management plan map (on the easel) was a big hit. (Lisa stepped out of the photo with her plate of food! :^)

See more on the Friends of River View Natural Area website.

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