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Collins View is located in Southwest Portland, Oregon. [ Google map link]


Collins View is naturally divided into distinct neighborhoods by a number of geographic features, roadways, built environment, and institutional properties.

Some neighborhoods have a single single entry and exit, or "gate": 4th Ave, Colony Drive (both off Boones Ferry), and 6th Avenue/Court, off Terwilliger.

Some neighborhoods have a entrance/exits at either end: SouthRidge, MapleCrest, and College Friends. South Ridge is a loop located off of Terwilliger across from Tryon State Park. MapleCrest can be entered from Collins View, but the back way out is through Arnold Creek or Marshal Park. College Friends has one entrance on Palatine Hill Road and the other on Terwilliger Boulevard Extension.

A new map is being prepared, Spring 2017. This is a map marked up by hand...

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