Digital Door Hanger for from Firewise program

These hangers are available to be distributed door-to-door, but due to the on-going pandemic, we provide this virtual door hanger (facsimilie).

image of actual Door Hanger

All the info on this page is credited to Portland Fire & Rescue Firewise program, and is provided here for ease of access and sharing. References from the door hanger to comprehensive information and resources are given below.

Other local jurisdictions may be participatintg in the nationwide program.

Protect Your Home From Wildfire!

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Whys, Hows, and Whats!

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Why should I protect my home from wildfire?

Large wildfires require a lot of resources and time to bring under control, often these resources must travel to the incident, and that can take time. With fire seasons lasting longer and their intensity increasing, and with more homes being built next to greenspaces and in the wildland urban interface, now is the time to protect your home against the threat of wildfire.

How do I protect my home from wildfire?

Homeowners can start by changing the characteristics of the fire as it approaches the home. We do this by removing brush, small saplings, ivy, blackberries and the lower limbs of mature trees that can act as a ladder and carry the fire up into the crown of trees. Keeping the fire on the ground makes it much easier to control. Replacing landscaping with native fire resistive plants can help slow the progress of a wildfire, as well as creating fuel breaks around the home by making trails and isolated islands of landscaping. Please visit for details on pruning and landscaping.

What about the home itself?

Embers are the main culprit for igniting a home during a wildfire. Making sure your roofing and siding are made from non-combustible material is a good start. Keeping your roof and gutters clear of debris is very important. Removing combustibles from your deck and porch like plastic planters and furniture will help protect your home. Don’t forget to remove all combustibles from under the deck or porch. Making sure you have screening ⅛ inch or smaller covering your attic vents, and any other openings, will stop embers from entering your home.

See References below for more info!