PBOT Letter regarding Sixth Sextant, and South Portland Addressing Project

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Also see the project's Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]


(4-27-2020) The next step is for our contractor to start “stickering” most street signs by placing S stickers over the SW stickers, and that work will begin Friday (May 1) at Lewis & Clark College and will fan out from there. We are having a few minor delays fabricating new street signs and are prioritizing sign replacements for street signs currently in poor condition meaning that not each and every street sign will be immediately replaced beyond the sticker. We will begin replacing street signs in May.

April 16, 2020 Letter

You have been warned!

Fact Sheet

Just the Facts, mam.


If affected, these are all the places you might need to inform of your address change.

address change checklist

Andrew Aebi thanks Collins View

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for suggesting the checklist idea. So glad I listened to you . . . the best ideas really do come from the grassroots within neighborhood associations.

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