Overgrown Boone Ferry Road Traffic Diverter

(The description and history of the diverter will eventually be moved to page decscribing all our traffic islands).

The diverter is located at the far north end of Boone's Ferry road, where it joins Taylors Ferry road, just down from the Fire Hall. The diverter was installed as part of a neighborhood traffic management program in the early 1990's. There is a water tap on the island.

Orginally landscaped by the Parks Department with mostly native species, it has become overgrown. We need some details about just what level of maintenance we can spur from the parks or transportaiton departments. We have found out that bark dust would be available if we get the weeds taken out, to help keep them down.

The landscaping was designed to not interfere with the line-of-sight for traffic and the powerlines over head. There is low ground cover of different types, some broad leaf ever greens (Rhodie), and a deciduous tree or two. (Species will be listed when this moves to the traffic island page.)

If YOU can spend some time weeding, please call Dixie at 636-0959 or Dorothy at 503-244-1621 for info on what plants are there, and what the general plan is. Thanks!

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