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Current Monthly Process: CVNA SW News article

Background: Each 'hood in the SWNI coalition contributes an article for the monthly SW News — originally a tabloid paper, now an on-line PDF of the whole tabloid. You can go to SWNI to read the whole newsletter [SWNI Home Page]. CVNA's past articles are collected [HERE]

Article ideas are discussed and approved at board meetings (at least 1 – 2 months ahead).

SUGGESTION: Each committee chair could write one article per year.

Stage 1 - Author’s first draft

Doing this action is the same as approving the concept and content of the article.

Stage 2 - Author’s revised draft

Stage 3 - Final Board Editor version

At this point, no further changes are made except for accuracy corrections.

Stage 4 - Board-approved article

Other Notes

The topic should be of general interest to the neighborhood. (CV-related issues, history, events, ...)

Article Preparation materials consists of one Word document and optional photos or graphics. Here is an article template, sans photos, in PDF form for demo purposes only: [PDF].

  1. Each section of the article should be set off with a bolded phrase at the start.
  2. Total text should be fewer than 500 words.
  3. A photo or two, attached as separate objects. Layout and inclusion is at SWNI editor's discretion.
  4. Captions for any graphics should be provided, with attribution where appropriate.

Example Form Letter for Sending Article to Board for their Consideration

To the CVNA Board:

Here is a draft a news article about TOPIC!

Please indicate your support for or disapproval of the article. Suggested changes are welcome. Please respond individually to Outreach with content corrections (not editing suggestions, the board editor will handle those). We'll consider all the suggestions and revise the article.

If positive interest is shown, we'll revise and re-submit a "final" draft well before the MONTH meeting for any discussion and a board vote. Please don't wait till the meeting to give your feedback, because the board needs to approve the article before it's submitted to SW News editors. In any case, we may refine before we send out a "final" draft to the board before the meeting.

News Article Author(s)

Example Form Letter informing the board an article has been submitted and rcvd

To the CVNA Board:

Our Jan 2022 SW News article and graphic images have been sent to SW News editors. They have acknowledged RCPT.

The article is posted on the SW News Articles web page:


You can always find articles there.

Cheers for 2022! (Or other Valediction)

Signed whomever

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