NETS at the 2022 Tryon Creek State Park Trillium Festival!

Action at the Table!

For 42 years, Tryon Creek has celebrated the return of the Trillium, an early season perennial native to our local forests. The Annual Trillium Festival at Tryon Creek State Natural Area returned on Saturday, April 2, 2022, after a two-year Covid-coerced hiatus.

Collins View/Marshall Park/Riverdale and South Burlingame NETS were there, staffing the NET info table, giving out plenty of 24-week shopping lists, pee/poo stickers, and PocketPreps. (See links below for these materials.)

NETs shared the table with Portland Fire and Rescue's Lt. Laurent Picard and Sr. Inspector Kim Kosmas. Their primary focus was the Firewise WUI program. They had the cooler tablecloth (flames!) and much better SWAG. Stickers were very popular.

Next year, NETs will again participate with enthusiasm and up the ante with better swag.

NET focus, as always, is community preparedness.

More Photos from the Festival

Three Volunteers - One for All, and All for One!
Fire Engine No 10 Crew with NET volunteer, contemplating Icy Streets and fire-related issues.


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