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Exercise Coordinator's Overview of NET Exercise 10-14-18

This Overview appeared in SWNI News Dec 2018 under Collins View.

On Sunday, October 14th (2018) Collins View NET members participated in a city-wide deployment exercise. This was Collins View first participation in an exercise like this right here in our neighborhood! We had 19 members register for this event, including 3 members from Riverdale and 2 members from Marshall Park. One CV NET volunteered to help out South Burlingame as an Amateur Radio Operator (ARO). Two Riverdale NETs were assigned to the Portland Bureau of Emergency Management (PBEM) as sub-net control, using ham radio frequencies. Registered NETs received a call from PBEM at approximately 12:45 pm with the message that a major 9.0 earthquake had just hit Portland and that everything was good at their residence (family, house, pets, etc.) and they should prepare to deploy to the prearranged staging area.

NETs left their residences and walked prearranged routes to the staging area (St. Mark Church on Terwilliger). They found red envelopes taped to selected mailboxes which contained emergency scenarios (fire, building damage, wires down etc) and practiced filling out damage assessment forms to turn in once they arrived to the staging area. All members had Family Radio Service (FRS) radios (two way walkie-talkies) to check in with the ARO at the staging area. Once the members arrived and checked in, Incident Command assignments were made, operational teams put together and assignments given for light search and rescue missions.

The weather was fabulous, team members stepped up to the plate to problem solve and we all learned a great deal about leadership structure, working in teams with specific responsibilities, mapping out the neighborhood with potential problems and prioritizing goals.

Overview by Nancy Holmes, Exercise Coordinator, 10/25/2018

Net Control Radio Operator's Report

Avi Solomon, AE7ET Net Control

What Worked

What Needs Work


Take-Away points, from Incident Commander

Maryellen Read Incident Commander

The Exercise Coordinator Project Manager functioned as oversight and safety NET on site. This Staging Area Site overseer/Safety position is essential in real time deployments, as assigning an On Site runner to carry messages among the different managerial role tables. Clipboard boxes for each managerial or supporting role, labeled with role duties and containing the specific NET forms and laminated role cards were very good in organizing and eliminating confusion and anxiety over forms and duties required. People needed to open box and actually read the role cards. The pre-assigned walking routes (Collins View SNAP maps) format proved itself to be an efficient use of time and personnel. Reporting of route assessments need to be prioritized (emergency/immediate, delayed, minor). Slight modifications of spacing and map graphics, as well as role cards made available to each Collins View NET, (as suggested in the participants' hot wash review after the exercise), are forthcoming.

The Incident Commander (IC), in addition to making deciding the objectives of the emergency response, has to make sure role position assignments (Volunteer Coordinator, Ops, Medical, Radio etc) are understood by, agreeable to, and skills-appropriate for the person assigned. This is a major responsibility of the IC. IC needs to tell, not ask when directing duties to others, while being receptive to their concerns, comments, skill sets and questions. The Amateur Radio Operators (AROs) were essential to this exercise and to our real time emergency response efforts.

Photos from the Exercise

This was the first CV NET exercise that used our signature clip boxes, which contain everything a person needs to know to fulfill a specific role at the emergency staging area.

clipboard boxes

Ways to Mark Buildings

Large paper to mark the building (to avoid marking the building!) and red envelope
Example red envelope used in the scavenger hunt
How to Mark a building

NET members in various roles.

Net Control Center at Collins View Staging Area
Volunteer Coordinator Kathleen Sullivan, On-Site Runner Volunteer Dan Riley
Incident Commander Maryellen Read, Scribe Fran Laird at map
Net Control AROs Avi Solomon, Kevin Davis

Appendix I. Raw Reports

Appendix II. Hot Wash report outline

Just for fun... Outline of the exercise co-ordinator's Hot Wash report (In Raw report above).

1) Deployment Massage from PBEM
2) Participant Deployment to Staging Area
3) Role Assignments
4) Radio Scenarios
5) Radio Operations
6) Search and Rescue/ Size-Up Scenarios
7) Neighboring Team Scenarios
8) Documentation
9) Spontaneous Unaffiliated Volunteers / Community Members
10) Post — Exercise Team Hot Wash

Overall impressions

11) Overall, what went well?
12) Overall, what could have gone better?
13) Overall, what did you learn from this?
14) Feedback for the Exercise Planners