NET Exercise - October 8, 2023

On Sunday October 8, 2023, the Colllins View Neighborhood Emergency Team (CVNET) participated in the Portland Bureau of Emergency Management (PBEM) Citywide Deployment Exercise.

clipboard boxes

Again, our trusty Clipboard boxes helped keep Roles and Papers organized for the exercise!

Showing Up and Signing In (Photo: M Karr)

The PBEM planning committee orchestrated virtual "Major Windstorm Emergency" scenarios — including an overturned school bus (VIRTUAL!!!) to challenge NET teams' skills, organization and ingenuity. Citywide, twelve NET teams, representing 50 neighborhoods, had a total of 166 participants. Neighborhood teams with small numbers of NETs joined other neighborhood teams to participate.

The Collins View NET exercise had twenty-five people signed up — NET members and non-NETs "Spontaneous Unaffiliated Volunteers" - from 7 neighborhoods: Collins View, Marshall Park, Riverdale, West Portland Park, South Burlingame, Ash Creek and Lake Oswego.

25 NETs signed up! Note Map and Team boards in the background (Photo: M Karr)

This was the first Collins View NET exercise to have its Staging Area in the Riverdale High School Parking lot. The Staging Area comprises separate stations:

Staging Area Layout 10-2023 (Diagram: J Miller. M Read)

Click to download a printable [PDF].

Nancy Holmes, CV NET Assistant Team Leader, was again our experienced Event Coordinator. She directed and produced this CV October 8, 2023 event.

Nancy Holmes as Event Coordinator (Photo: M Karr)

The CV team, in addition to deploying to all the off-site eleven PBEM assigned virtual scenarios, responded to additional challenges that were not virtual. The First Aid Station treated 12 walk in (moulaged) wounded. A search and rescue team rescued a trapped child. Rescue Baby doll ("RB") is a frequent victim participant in CVNET exercises.

Beautiful weather, fully engaged teamwork and participants' good spirits and willingness to help made for a satisfying experience. This boots-on-the-ground exercise was a learning experience which alerted us to what needs work, to refresh skills and procedures.

The efficiency and effectiveness of the CVNET emergency response process was reinforced. It works.

Incident first aid supplies and kits

Our Oct 2023 NET Deployment exercise PROMPTED these improvements to the Collins View Staging Area First Aid Station

First Aid Station Improvements

Use this hanging shelf to access supplies.
Restock supplies from red duffles.
First aid supplies in red duffle are for restocking hanging pouches.

Bucket and Sprayer

Use Pressure Sprayer to Flush Wound with Water. Position over bucket to catch used rinse water. Contaminated debris goes in red bag.

Sterile Water and Iodine

For bad looking goopy wounds, use iodine solution "to the color of weak tea" in a 16 oz bottle of water. Position over bucket to catch used rinse water. Contaminated debris goes in red bag.

Photos and Text by Maryellen Read

More Photos from the Exercise

Photos by Merilee Karr.

A Terrible Cut!
Glass and debris in the hand
Makeshift Cardboard Splint, sizing it up...
It's a good Splint - Happy Customer!

A long afternoon, but smiles all around.

Text by M. Read.

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