Exercise Coordinator's Overview of NET Exercise 08-27-22

On Saturday, August 27, 2022, the Collins View Neighborhood Emergency Team (CV-NET), together with its affiliated team members from the Marshall Park (MP) and Riverdale (RD) squads, as well participants from West Portland Park, South Burlingame and Maplewood NET teams, conducted its first in-person training exercise since 2019.

This exercise, at the former St. Mark Church parking lot, involved a long overdue refresher of the process the team uses to set up its current staging area and organize team members for search and rescue missions. Twenty-seven NET volunteers participated in the exercise, which also included seven members from Neighboring NET Teams who came to participate in the innovative way the CV-MP-RD NET team organizes its operations.

Nancy Holmes, CV NET Assistant Team Leader, designed, produced, and directed the exercise, which included a thorough boots-on-the-ground review of how the team organizes and functions at the NET staging area. Importantly the event also provided a chance for a number of team members to play leadership roles in organizing search and rescue teams and indeed dispatching the teams responding to the challenging scenarios in the parking lot.

Submitted 8/30/2022 by Bob Fischer, Collins View NET Team Lead

Photos from the Exercise

Marshall Park, Riverdale, West Portland Park and South Burlingame Participated in the very successful and fun exercise orchestrated directed and produced by Nancy Holmes, CV NET Assistant Team Leader on Saturday August 27, 2022.

Event Photos by Bob Fischer (BF), Mike MacNamara (MM), Merilee Karr (MK).

MM0 - Nets register at the Volunteer Coordinator tent first thing
MM1 - The Big Board Neighborhood map at the Staging Area locates incident locations
MM2 - The Operations Chief's Big Board that will be used to show volunteer assignments to different teams.
MM3 - The Clip Box system on the Incident Commander station
MM4 - Staging Area, Setting
MK1 - Bob Fischer, CV NET team Lead, standing by in his assigned emergency response role of Operations Chief. Nancy Holmes explains how it all works to the crowd of NETs.
MK2 - Brian McGillicuddy, FRS Radio Operator, receiving incoming NETS check-ins and reports of (virtual) emergency situations in the nhood.
MK3 - Nancy Holmes, CV NET Assistant Team Lead, explains what's next — while Maryellen Read, assigned Incident Commander for the exercise, sorts through forms for what's on deck.
BF2 - At the end of the exercise, Search and Rescue Team Leaders give summaries of their team's actions
BF1 - Another view of the above session.

The blue tent is a pop-up portable privacy shelter for the potty — a 5 gallon bucket with potty lid (demo only!!!) inside.