Lewis & Clark College Master Plan (draft web page)

This page will be a go-to resource for issues and concerns about the college's master plan and interface with the neighborhood.

We covered a lot in a meeting at the college on July 1, 2019. Here is a PDF — Key Facts Regarding the Campus Master Plan And Transportation Impact Review: [PDF]

If you have comments, please fill out the form on the college's For our Neighbors page. At the bottom of the page there are links to the COMMUNITY FEEDBACK FORM, one for Electronic Submission, and a link for a Printable form. Submit your comments by July 15, 2019!

Here are those links for your convenience:

The first one is a way to send feedback electronically and the second can be completed and emailed, or can be printed and mailed in. Submit your comments by July 15!!

CVNA Concerns

Here is text about how the LCMP might affect Collins View. Questions that were asked at the July 1 meeting included: LC ownership of properties in the hood, why a parking structure is being deferred, where are the parking places, operation/ownership of proposed new on-campus housing, operation of LC shuttle bus along Boones Ferry Road, what about St Mark church, ...

Other Links to College Website

TDM == TRANSPORTATION DEMAND MANAGEMENT (i.e. what things are being done or proposed to manage the demand for vehicles coming to campus.)

LCMP Zones

Here is a screen grab from the Campus Facilities Master Plan. Pull up the larger document, listed above, to see other such maps and details.

Campus Facilities Master Plan (screen grab)

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