Crime Prevention and Safety

Gene Lynard has chaired our saftey committee for several years.

Gene meets monthly with SWNI's crime prevention specialist, representatives of the Portland police bureau, the district attorney's office and the other crime, public safety chairs in the other 16 neighborhoods in the SW Portland neighborhood coalition. Gene reports back to the neighborhood at the CVNA monthly meetings, which take place the following week. Example topics: how meth labs are set up; a field trip to the community court.

These meetings are an opportunity to share neighborhood concerns with the district officers, the senior neighborhood officers, the crime prevention specialist and the other crime/public safety chairs, and how best to resolve them.

Please contact Gene (503-245-8632) if you have a crime/public safety concern in your neighborhood, and he will do his best to help.

Neighborhood Watch

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More info on Crime Prevention services can be found at:
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