Outreach (DRAFT!)

This page documents the things we do that could loosely be considered outreach. What else could be included? See 'Other Outreach Activities' at the bottom.

The Outreach Committee (per bylaws) shall:

Use of Nextdoor

Nextdoor.com is used officially by CVNA for posting of various notices: meeting notification, agenda, minutes, SWNI blurb, other civic/NGO stuff.

Editorial comment: While many people may be on Facebook or Twitter, many are not. Nextdoor seems to have more coverage, but it has a lot of noise on it, just like Facebook and Twitter. I think there is no way to filter or feature CVNA posts, without making a 'Group' on Nextdoor. Groups were fantastically a flop it seems. It seems like Neighborhood Associations ought to have some 'standing' with Nextdoor - city offices do! --jm

CVNA Agenda


  1. Agenda is prepared by chair and other board members...
  2. Agenda should be communicated one (1) week before the meeting:
    to the board via board email address
    to the membership via Nextdoor

    For the Board, email to board@collinsview.org could have the agenda attached as a PDF.

    For Nextdoor, the agenda's plain text could be pasted into an Nextdoor post so people don't have to open a docx file or PDF to read it. Seems like one does have to go to Nextdoor just to Read a long message whoever. ? Agenda is not sent as an attachment or posted as a document. Nextdoor does not do well with attachments. (?) This will get the Agenda out posthaste. Perhaps only the unique parts of the agenda need to be posted to Nextdoor. [Verify/Edit this paragraph.]

  3. A PDF must be sent to SWNI to archive as a record. SWNI puts it on Google Drive, and notifies us that the agenda on google drive. Web Guy places the address of that PDF on the CVNA website home page for quick reference.
  4. The PDF should be formatted nicely, and could be printed for use during the meeting.
    Agenda should fit nicely on one full pages, or two pages if necessary.

The Agendas page [LINK] on the Collins View website links to Google Drive which archives previous agendas. The page gives instructions for accessing.

CVNA Minutes

Similar process to above for Minutes.


  1. Chairs and board members submit items ahead of meeting.
  2. Secretary notes important points during meeting.
  3. Minutes compiled and prepared by Secretary after the meeting
  4. Minutes circulated for approval or amendment.
  5. Minutes approved at following meeting.
  6. Amended/Approved Minutes sent to SWNI for record.

Google Drive has all the Minutes.Collins View website does not need updating. [Google Drive]

CVNA SWNI News article

Explanation: Each hood in SWNI gets to have an article in the monthly SW News tabloid (and a big on-line PDF of the whole tabloid.)

See current issue of [SW News] and see our collection of [CVNA articles]

Article consists of headline, text, photo or two.
Standard sub-headline has collinsview.org, etc..
Topic must be of general interest to the neighborhood (CV-related material)


  1. Draft written by Outreach person
  2. Outreach person circulates the article for approval and/or suggested changes
  3. Outreach person sends the PDF/DOCx/PHOTOS to newsletter@swni.org
  4. Web Guy: Article (As PDF) placed on Collins View Website, and index updated.
  5. Outreach person posts notice on ND with link to pre-publication article on web

Current File Naming Convention for web:

         SWNI News MAY2017.pdf
(Note two spaces in file name -- should eliminate those spaces in future.)


Prior to the annual picnic, NET, FoRVNA, and other volunteers go Door to Door canvassing the 'Hood with postcard-sized flyers!

Two double-sided cards are delivered with these five topics: Collins View Neighborhood Association, Fred Meyer Rewards, and the Picnic each have one full side. NET (Neighborhood Emergency Team) and FoRVNA (Friends of River View Natural Area) share a side on one of the two cards.

This Website

We have this website, and it is underutilized. For example the Fred Meyer Rewards card has a page, but that seems to be forgotten quickly.

Whenever the opportunity arises, neighbors should be directed to the site for info.

Website are someone passive in that people have to go to them. They don't just jump out at the user like social media does. But at least it is there, 24x7.

Our Workplan

The mandated workplan could be used for outreach purposes, to promote the associations work.

Maybe there are ways people could be involved /other/ than attending meetings! Like working on some related projects and reporting in writing or even on Nextdoor.

Special Topics

A compelling set of special topics could help get newcomers to turn out for meetings or become involved somehow in one of our committees (NET, Parks, Safety, ...)

Other Outreach Activities

The photo at the top of the page shows one of the 'lawn signs' put out to remind peeps that a meeting is coming up. These are standard lawn sign size on a wicket. The signs are put up one week ahead (?) by Outreach. Signs should have website name on it!

The [picnic] is perhaps our biggest outreach event, and the holiday potluck [No Web page for potluck - light-hearted dinner?]

The concept of a 'Welcome Wagon' basket has been brought up several times over the years. Evidently some goodies (coupons?) and info about the neighborhood. Nothing has ever come of it. How would we know who are newcomers needing a welcome?

What else do we do for outreach? What else could do we do?

Page updated Nov 7, 2018 --jm
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