We want to organize a few neighborhood events and activities.

Movie and Dinner: Ride the #39 bus to Hillsdale and then catch another bus into downtown for an afternoon movie. On the ride home we stop back in Hillsdale for dinner. Contact Dorothy Fay if you'd like to join the party.

Dinner Only: Hillsdale for City Tai, Salvador Molly, Hillsdale BrewPub, GiGi (Waffles), or Mexican!

Look for more information soon on neighborhood walks, potlucks, and more bus trips to scenic Hillsdale. If you have other ideas for increasing our positive engagement with each other outside of meetings, please let us know!

We are continuing to work on fleshing out the website. Check it out and let us know if there's anything else you'd like to see on our website, or if you have some information to contribute. (collinsview at gmail com)

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