Membership Meetings

These are the kinds of Meetings CVNA can have, paraphrased from Article VI of our Bylaws.
General Membership Meetings
The Board of Directors meets on the first Wednesday of every month and at any other time the Chair may designate.

A majority of Board members may also call a General Membership Meeting. These meetings shall be open to the public. However, only Board members shall be entitled to vote at these meetings. A decision by the Board requires a majority vote by Board members present. Directors shall be notified of board meetings either in writing or verbally via the telephone at least two days in advance

Annual Meeting
The Annual Meeting occurs each May. The Board will provide a minimum of seven days written notification of the scheduled meeting to all active members of the CVNA. An Active Member is a Member who has attended at least one other CVNA meeting in the previous 12 months. only eligible Active Members are entitled to vote at the Annual Meeting. All actions or recommendations of the Annual and Special meetings shall be communicated to all affected parties.
Special Meetings
The Chair of the Board or a majority of Board members, by signed petition, may call a Special Meeting. Notification of Special meeting shall be made with at least seven days advance written notice to all Members of CVNA and to SWNI.
Emergency Meetings
Either the Chair or Vice Chair of the Board may call an Emergency meeting of the Board or the general membership as necessary. Notification of Emergency Meetings may occur with at least 24 hours of advanced notice. It must specify in writing to all Members of CVNA the purpose(s) of the meeting. Emergency Meetings shall be conducted within the geographical boundaries of the Collins View neighborhood. The minutes of the meeting must reflect the nature of the "emergency". No other business may be discussed or acted on at an Emergency Meeting.
Committee Meetings
A Committee chair, as necessary, may call a committee meeting. Notification of all scheduled committee meetings shall be communicated to the membership at the monthly board meeting and in the "Southwest Neighborhood News".

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