Neighborhood Delegates

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Neighborhood delegates solicit concerns from the neighborhood and bring them to the Board for consideration and assist in the dissemination of information from the Board back to the neighborhood.

To insure that each portion of Collins View has fair representation on the Board, we recognize the following delegate districts. Each district is encouraged to have one delegate serve on the board. Delegates may have other roles on the board of directors, but the person has only one vote (not one vote as delegate, and another vote as a committee chair, and so on.)

If there are two or more delegates (alternates) for a given district, only one may vote at board meetings.

Delegates are elected in May of each year, so their commitment runs from May to May.

Neighborhood Delegate Districts

Please refer to map on neighborhoods page as definitive reference. The districts are derived from the SNAP 'sector' walkabout maps.

Districts/Sectors Delegates
2nd Ave --- 53
3rd Ave --- 39
4th Ave & Boones Ferry John Miller 43
Boones Ferry --- 81 (to be split)
6th Ave & 6th Ct --- 52
8th Dr 1 --- 41
8th Dr 2 Denny Barnes 59
Alfred --- 59
Brugger & Collins --- 25
Corbett & Collins Bob and Dana Fischer 40
Kelly & Palatine Brendan McGillicuddy 21
Maplecrest Drive & Court Anna Browne 68
Orchard 1 --- 41
Orchard 2 --- 41
Ridge Dr --- 41
Riverside Elise Delisser 53
Terwilliger Blvd Place Elise Delisser 50
Viewpoint Gene Lynard 41

Note: Lewis & Clark College has two representatives positions on the board. See Bylaws. The institution will be represented by one staff person appointed by the administration and resident student selected by the student government.
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