About Collins View Neighborhood Association

Collins View is one of 18 associations in southwest Portland, Oregon. CVNA works to enhance livability, address transportation & land use issues, and facilitate citizen involvement in civic issues.

Collins View Neighborhood Association is an association of small scale geographically defined neighborhoods, each represented by delegates. The Neighborhood Emergency Team refers to them as 'Sectors'. The set of Sectors has been evolving since 2015. (?)


Election Slate for May 2019

Click for the 2019-2020 [SLATE].

The Board (Overview)

At monthly board meetings, the CVNA Officers, Committee Chairs, and Neighborhood Delegates each have one vote on issues before the association. If a person is both an officer, a delegate, and a committee chair, they have only one vote. (This is to encourage having more people involved.) At the annual meeting in May, any member (resident) may vote on an issue, and for candidates.

The Board also has two voting positions filled by the Administration and the Student Government of Lewis & Clark College.

See the above CVNA Board Composition as a CHART (PDF). Good for printing.

Current Board

Board consists of three officers, the SWNI rep, committee chairs, 19 delegates, and two reps. See Bylaws section below for Position descriptions.

ChairElise deLisserchair@collinsview.org
SecretaryMaryellen, acting recordersecretary@collinsview.org
Treasurer/Finance ChairAvi Solomontreasurer@collinsview.org
SWNI RepFran LairdAt Meetings
Outreach CoordinatorMaryellen Readoutreach@collinsview.org
Land Use Co-ChairsDave & Dixie Johnston505-636-0959
SW Parks, Environ, Trails Brendan McGillicuddy parks@collinsview.org
Public Safety ChairGene Lynardpublicsafety@collinsview.org
Transportation ChairPrakash Joshitransportation@collinsview.org
Safe Routes Delegate-----
DelegatesSee 19 people below--
LC Admin Rep Mark Duntley duntley @ lclark . edu
LC Student Reps vary --- aslc @ lclark . edu

Current Neighborhood Delegates and Delegate Areas (aka Sectors)

Our delegate system adds people to the board from every neck of the woods.

Neighborhood delegates solicit concerns from the neighborhood and bring them to the Board for consideration and assist in the dissemination of information from the Board back to the neighborhood.

To insure that each portion of Collins View is represented on the Board, we recognize one person from each delegate area (aka Sector). Delegates may have other roles on the board of directors, but the person has only one vote total (not one vote as delegate, and another vote as a committee chair, for example.)

Please refer to map on neighborhoods page as definitive reference. The districts are derived from the SNAP 'sector' walkabout maps. There are anywhere between 20 to 60 homes per sector.

If there are two or more delegates (alternates) for a given sector, only one may vote at a given board meeting.

Delegates are elected in May of each year, so their commitment runs from May to May.

See sections g) and gg) under'Duties of Board Members' below, for more bylaws text pertaining to delegates.

Areas/Sectors Current
2nd Ave --- 53
3rd Ave --- 39
4th Ave & Boones Ferry John Miller 43
Boones Ferry #1 --- ~40
Boones Ferry #2 --- ~40
6th Ave & 6th Ct --- 52
8th Dr 1 --- 41
8th Dr 2 --- 59
Alfred --- 59
Brugger & Collins --- 25
Corbett & Collins Bob and Dana Fischer 40
Kelly & Palatine Brendan McGillicuddy 21
Maplecrest Drive & Court Anna Browne 68
Orchard 1 --- 41
Orchard 2 --- 41
Ridge Dr Avi Solomon 41
Riverside Elise deLisser 53
Terwilliger Blvd Place Elise deLisser 50
Viewpoint Gene Lynard 41

Current Liaisons/Representatives

A liaison is a member of CVNA who attends meetings or otherwise communicates with other entities. A Representative is a member who comes to our meetings representing another entity such as the college or high school.

The SWNI Liaison attends district coalition board meetings and represents CVNA issues on that board. This person is also an (ex officio) member of the CVNA board. S/he will advise the CVNA board of SWNI issues and activities. SWNI is Southwest Neighborhoods Inc.

The Lewis & Clark College Liaison maintains our working relationship with the College. The College Liaison works on college-related objectives of the CVNA Action Plan, if any. (This is a different position than the College's representatives to CVNA.)

The Riverdale School District Liaison maintains relations with the school, similar to the College liaison.

Watershed Brendan McGillicuddy
NET Team Leader Bob Fischer
L&C College Liaison Prakash Joshi
Riverdale School District Representative Paula Robinson
Riverdale School District Liaison -?-
Friends of River View Natural Area (FoRVNA) John Miller

Standing Committees

Click on the committee name to go to that page.

trans Transit and Transportation
landuse Land Use
safety Crime Prevention and Safety, Neighborhood Watch
parks To be defined..
outreach Outreach

Election Slate for May 2019

Click for the 2019-2020 [SLATE].

How to bring Issues to the Attention of the Board

Normally, an agenda is established each month. Any person may add an item to the agenda by submitting the item in writing to the Board of Directors or Board Chair at least seven (7) days in advance of the meeting. Verbal submissions by telephone or email are also welcome. Time is allotted at each meeting for new business.

CVNA has been a very active Neighborhood Association over the last several years, with many pressing issues. Typically, the agenda fills quickly with demands and issues from a variety of sources.

You are encouraged to bring issues to the attention of Committee Chairpersons, and Neighborhood Delegates. They can assist you in bringing the issues before the Board for its attention. We use the general email address outreach at collinsview dot org for all city, county, and Metro business, ... membership general inquiries, and so on. This is so that as officers change, the email will continue. ('contact' is also defined and used, but it goes to outreach.)

Agenda for Meetings

See a typical agenda.


Get on Nextdoor. See our HOW TO sign up page [LINK].

CVNA Bylaws

For the whole story: See bylaws

Neighborhood Association Timeline

Year-by-year list of issues that were addressed, who chaired, etc... When Bylaws were written and by whom.

Chuck someone wrote the original bylaws. Diane Palmer (Early 1980s) John Miller, Phil Hornik, Sonya Kazen, Dave Johnston, Sonya Kazen, Lynne Obrien Wolff, Richard Keough, Charlie Weiss, Jim Diamond. Other chairs? Bylaw Keepers. Go through old SWNI newsletters?

Web Guy

John Miller — John is ready and willing to correct, add to, or complete any of the pages outlined for our website. Just send information in plain text in the body of your an email message to our outreach@collinsview.org address. Source References are always good.

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