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The Collins View Neighborhood Association meets at 7:00 PM on the first Wednesday of most every month — We take July off, and we have a picnic in August!

We meet in Riverdale High School (where Boones Ferry and Terwilliger overlap), usually in the classroom just to the left of the foyer.

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Our 2018 Winter/Spring meetings: Apr 4, May 2, Jun 6.

Officers and delegates are elected every year in May. For details, see about The Association.

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Zero leading address changes and 911 Wayfinding

April 4, 2018, 7pm at Riverdale High School Maverick Room.

Presenter Andrew Aebi, City of Portland Local Improvement District Administrator, will share with us the purpose, execution dates and benefits of the upcoming address changes scheduled for some homes in our neighborhoods. Andrew has the answers to your questions. These changes will correct long-standing address inaccuracies and remove the computer-incompatible ambiguities that send first responders to the wrong address. This is important! Attend and find out more.

Earthquake Preparedness How to Get Ready.

March 7, 2018, 7pm at Riverdale High School Maverick Room.

Presenter Rick Eilers, founder of Prepared Northwest, is passionate about helping friends, family, and neighbors prepare themselves for natural and man-made emergencies. Having a plan and preparing in advance can turn an unbearable situation into a comfortable inconvenience. Being prepared is being responsible. This will affect you! This is important!

This was a great presentation! Very sobering to think about what things will be like after The Big One.

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Party Houses

Do you live next to a L&C College Party House that is disturbing your nights? Talk to the students! Refer them to our Five-Minute Guide to Living in the Neighborhood. If the ruckus continues, call the Campus Safety Office (open 24 hours/day) at 503-768-7777.

Nextdoor is a private 'social network' for Collins View and beyond

Thousands of folks across many neighborhoods are set up on Next Door. You can set up your login by validating your street address — then you can view and participate. There is a lot of non-association chatter on NextDoor, so it is difficult to use for official business. The message gets lost in the 'noise'.

See our Sign-Up instructions. Thereafter, use Collins View on Next Door.

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