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Upcoming Meetings

Our Second Meeting of 2019 will be Wednesday, Feb 6th, at 7pm!
See the February Agenda [PDF].

2019 Calendar
Winter Meetings: Jan 2, Feb 6, Mar 6
Spring Meetings: Apr 3, May 1, Jun 5
Summer Meetings: Sep 4
  Fall Meetings: Oct 2, Nov 6, Dec 4

The Collins View Neighborhood Association meets at 7:00 PM on the first Wednesday of most every month — We take July off, and we have a picnic in August! We meet in Riverdale High School (where Boones Ferry and Terwilliger overlap), in one of the classrooms, or in the Maverick Room, down the hall going left out of the foyer. Meeting Agendas usually appear on or before the Wednesday before the meeting (1 week ahead).

Quick Links

Collins View's current SW News article

Nick Falbo, PBOT Senior Transportation Planner, will speak at our February 6 meeting. He will explain upcoming transportation projects proposed for Collins View, including a project to deal with the problematic Primrose-at-Terwilliger crossing and bus-stop-in-the ditch that have been big safety issues for years. Trimet Bus Stop 5801 is in the photo!

Also in SW News, a story about how people worked together to create the painted fish on the fence at Capitol Hill School as a fundraiser.

The February article also has an update on the McLarty mural. Read the whole article [HERE]. These stories will appear in the February 2019 SW News tabloid.

Last month's SW News article

Did you know that the Collins View School (now Riverdale High) once had an interesting mural by a well known Portland artist? The mural was relocated to Capitol Hill School in ~2001. Read the story [HERE]. The story appeared in the Jan 2019 SW News (tabloid).

Here's an archive of past SW News articles [LINK].

Recent Stories...

  • Our 2017 Summer Picnic was enjoyed by ~100 friends and families! We held an Ice Cream Social in 2018. [LINK]
  • We are starting a Neighborhood History Project
  • See the great report below about the NET deployment exercise on Oct 14, 2018.

Neighborhood Emergency Team

Q: What is NET??
A: It's our Neighborhood Emergency Team! Read all about it [HERE]

Earthquake!?? Collins View NET members participated in a city-wide deployment exercise on October 14, 2018. See story [HERE]

Fred Meyer Community Rewards Program

Help build CVNA's coffer via the Fred Meyer Community Rewards Program. There is nothing to Lose! You still earn Your rewards. It's just an additional amount donated to the community... See our [How To page].

Nextdoor is a private 'social network' for Collins View and nearby 'Hoods

Thousands of folks across many neighborhoods are set up on Nextdoor. You can set up your login by validating your street address — then you can view and participate. There is a lot of non-association chatter on NextDoor, so it is difficult to use for official business. Our 'signal' often gets lost in the 'noise'.

See our Sign-Up instructions. Thereafter, use Collins View on Next Door.

Neighborhood Tips

Our Various Outreach Efforts

How can we invite participation? This is the perennial question for of neighborhood involvement, and our outreach committee. We must be effective. [REACH OUT].