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Icy Street Map (draft!)

The map below is small. When ready, click on the image for Full Size Map (4MB).

Collins View Icy Streets Map by John Miller

Don't get stuck (or worse) on Collins View streets on an Icy day! Auto-Navigation suggested short cuts may land you in the ditch!

Avoid the steep hills of 2nd, 3rd and 4th.

2nd Ave from Terwilliger to Palatine gets icy bad. SEVENTEEN cars in a pile at the 2nd Ave/Terwilliger intersection, more piled at the Palatine/ 2nd intersection last ice storm.

The Brugger St/2nd Ave intersection is icy even when 2nd is not, because a spring seeps across Brugger there ten months a year. It is always wet or icy. South slope of 3rd Ave generally not passable without chains and AWD. Downhill, it dumps into unsafe SW 2nd via unpaved Collins St.

4th Ave off of Boones Ferry is a dead end road on a hill. Neighbors are very careful using it but friends and new neighbors may want to park down the street rather than attempt it. We are at the crest of the hill and have had three or four cars slide into our front yard over the years.

Avoid the steep streets of Lobelia, Orchid and Alice.

Lobelia, Orchid and Alice Streets, the main entry streets west of Terwilliger, are all very steep and very tough in the snow and ice. Alice is the least steep, so if one were to be designated as the best snow route that is probably the one. People in this area have two ways to get out, onto Terwilliger and a back route onto Taylors Ferry via SW 9th Drive. SW 9th Drive is a very key route and very potholed right now.

Terwilliger Place between Terwilliger and Riverside St: Steep hill, all but impassible when icy.

Send info/feedback to outreach at collinsview.org.

Upcoming Event - 'Songbirds' on April 7th

Collins View NA will sponsor a Songbird presentation by Jay Withgott from the Audubon Society at the Multnomah Arts Center Auditorium. We expect a good turnout. We welcome volunteers to come early to help set up chairs. If you have suggestions for more nature-based presentations, please let us know.

MARK YOUR CALENDAR: Tuesday, April 7, 2020, 7:00-9:00 pm
Songbirds of Southwest Portland Parks & Yards

Our 2020 Meetings Calendar

Our second meeting of 2020 will be on Wednesday, Feb 5th! Basic Monthly Rule: On First Wednesdays that are non-holidays:

FEB 5, MAR 4, APR 1, MAY 6, JUN 3, SEP ?, OCT 7, NOV 4, DEC 2.

No meeting in JULY or AUGUST.

The Collins View Neighborhood Association meets at 7:00 PM on the first Wednesday of most every month — we take July and August off. The Neighborhood Association supports the many individual Neighborhood Night Out block parties. We meet in Riverdale High School (where Boones Ferry and Terwilliger overlap), in one of the classrooms, or in the Maverick Room, down the hall going left out of the foyer. Meeting Agendas usually appear on or before the Wednesday before the meeting (1 week ahead).

Quick Links

Our December 2019 meeting was a SPECIAL MEETING

River Plan / South Reach and Ezone Update Open House
Wednesday, December 4, 6:30-8:30 p.m, at Riverdale HS.
The plan is an update to the Willamette Greenway Plan for the riverfront area south of downtown Portland.
See our South Reach article to appear in SW News [PDF].

November 2019

Sorry! Will update this ASAP. Web Guy.

October 2019 - Crows!

The presentation about Crows on Oct 8th at the Multnomah Arts Center was a raven success! See the article in the Portland Tribune: [LINK]

Collins View's September 2019 SW News articles

In September, the article covered the demise of Neighborhood Watch — no new ones will be supported. (Instead, a set of community safety programs will be rolled out over time.) There is also info on our exposure to danger of urban wildfires. Here's the whole SEPTEMBER 2019 article.

Asher, Nolan, Mason and EJ enjoy Corbett Lane National Night Out, in August 2019. Even the on-duty officer got to take a swing! Rest assured, the piñata remains were cleaned up.

Collins View's August 2019 SW News article

The article covers a meeting with L&C College and the new Campus Institutional Zone process, and 2) how 'neighborhood' is being scrubbed from various city code wording, Here's the whole AUGUST 2019 article.

Collins View's July 2019 SW News article

The article focuses on the dangers of Terwilliger Blvd as it passes through Collins View. Here's the whole JULY 2019 article.

An Emergency Meeting was held in July - 7/21/19

Collins View Neighborhood Association convened an Emergency Meeting of the CVNA Board at 10 AM on Sunday July 21, 2019, in the Riverdale High School Parking lot. An urgent vote was requested to take fire prevention and code compliance action.

At the request of the 6th ave Homeowners, Riverdale High School's failure to maintain the space between the High School Parking lot and the 6th Ave properties was brought to the attention of the Riverdale School District with no resolution.

An urgent CVNA vote authorized a report to BDS regarding fire prevention maintenance and other code compliance violations of the Riverdale High School Conditional Use Permit. CVNA has no authority in this matter. The resolution will be between Portland and Riverdale School District, which has 30 days to comply.

Collins View's June 2019 SW News article

What the heck is going on in the above photos?? See our June article for a report on the Collins View NETs in action during the City-Wide Deployment Exercise on April 28, 2019. The article also has info on National Night Out week, and the results of our annual CVNA Election. Here's the whole JUNE 2019 article.

Our June Agenda this year included Mindy Brooks from Portland's Bureau of Planning and Sustainability explaining the E-Zone Map Correction Project. Stay informed and learn more by visiting the project website at [E-zone].

Collins View's May 2019 SW News article

The Neighborhood Association annual elections for board positions will be held at the May 1 meeting, 7 PM, in Riverdale High School. All 2019-2020 board positions are open for nominations. The article also includes advice for guarding against dry weather fire hazards, a note about Vernal Pools in River View Natural Area, and reports of an aggressive disturbed individual in our area. Here's the whole MAY 2019 article.

Collins View's April 2019 SW News article

Run! Hide! Fight!- Active Shooter Response Preparation was the topic of the Collins View table at the March 3 2019 Safety Fair. . NET members provided multiple handouts on how to prepare for an active shooter scenario. If that's not depressing enough, Portland Maps rates almost all of Collins View as being in a Wildland Fire Hazard Area, in a Potential Landslide Hazard Area, (land sliding is possible) and DOGAMI landslide inventory maps indicate a Moderate Earthquake Hazard (moderate shaking). Here's the APR 2019 article.

Collins View's March 2019 SW News article

Nick Falbo, PBOT Senior Transportation Planner, spoke at our February 6 meeting. He explained upcoming (potential) transportation projects proposed for Collins View... Also in our SW News article, a report on active shooter training/drills at Riverdale High and L&C College, and a paragraph on troubling changes to City code pertaining to citizen involvement. Here is the MAR 2019 article.

Earlier month's SW News articles

Here's an archive of past SW News articles [LINK]. We apologize that there is no index to all these articles. Volunteer help welcome!!

Some Fairly Recent Stories...

  • Our 2017 Summer Picnic was enjoyed by ~100 friends and families! We held an Ice Cream Social in 2018. [LINK]
  • We are starting a Neighborhood History Project
  • See the great report below about the NET deployment exercise on Oct 14, 2018.

Neighborhood Emergency Team

Q: What is NET??
A: It's our Neighborhood Emergency Team! Read all about it [HERE]

Earthquake!?? Collins View NET members participated in a city-wide deployment exercise on October 14, 2018. See story [HERE]

Fred Meyer Community Rewards Program

Help build CVNA's coffer via the Fred Meyer Community Rewards Program. There is nothing to Lose! You still earn Your rewards. The Community Reward is an additional amount donated to the community... See our [HOW TO] page.

Nextdoor is a private 'social network' for Collins View and nearby 'Hoods

Thousands of folks across many neighborhoods are set up on Nextdoor. You can set up your login by validating your street address — then you can view and participate. There is a lot of non-association chatter on NextDoor, so it is difficult to use for official business. Our 'signal' often gets lost in the 'noise'.

See our Sign-Up instructions. Thereafter, use Collins View on Next Door.

Neighborhood Tips

Our Various Outreach Efforts

How can we invite participation? This is the perennial question for of neighborhood involvement, and our outreach committee. We must be effective. [REACH OUT].
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